What to Expect

What to expect during a session

  • We will discuss the issues you would like to address.  I then “scan” the chakras and subtle bodies to locate congested energy.  This helps me determine what areas need to be focused on.  
  • You will sit in a comfortable chair during the healing.  Pranic Healing is a no-touch healing modality.  During the healing session I use my hands and healing crystals, specially designed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, to remove the negative/stress energies in the chakras and subtle bodies.  
  • Your “job” during the healing is to relax and enjoy the process.  If relaxing is a challenge for you, I will guide you through breathing exercises to help facilitate relaxation.
  • I recommend that you shower or bathe prior to a session.  After a Pranic Healing, it is recommended the client not bathe or shower for 12 – 24 hours.  It is during this time that your body continues to absorb the clean prana.  
  • Do not eat heavy meals right before or after a healing session.
  • Please bring a journal to take notes during the channeling session.  Your spirit guides will give you valuable information that will want to write down so you can re-visit at a later time.

What to expect after a session

  • You will feel lighter.
  • You will feel less stress or stress free.
  • You will feel calm.
  • You will have more energy.
  • Your mind will have less racing thoughts and be more quiet.
  • You will have a more positive outlook.
  • Clients have reported less frequent panic attacks or completely ending.
  • Clients have also reported less depressed feelings or removal of them.

Distant Healing and Readings

All Pranic Healing and Spirit Guide channeling sessions can be done distantly- I have clients located all over the world.  The sessions can be done over the phone or on Skype.

For distant sessions, I recommend you have a quiet location where you will not be disturbed.  You will need a comfortable chair to sit and advise that you turn off or silence all phones.  Plan to spend the appropriate amount of time for your session in this quiet space.