Michael Espinoza is  a certified Pranic Healer, clairvoyant and medium.

Michael helps individuals from all walks of life discover energies in their bodies and lives that are preventing them from moving forward freely. In particular, I help women and men of all ages, and children, truth is I enjoy helping everyone.

The word “Pranic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Prana,” which essentially means “vital life force,” and it is the use of this “Prana” (or vital life force) that can heal the whole physical body.

I work with people experiencing dis-ease. Typically, that includes individuals in high-stress professions who might experience anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or just don’t feel right. I help them address those conditions so they feel stress free, happier, and relaxed.

I might have a client who has depression or anxiety, so my focus is to identify the source or sources of that anxiety and then remove that negative energy. This then allows the body and mind to heal, which results in a radical reduction or complete elimination of the client’s anxiety.

I know now, Pranic Healing found me at a point in my life when I felt stuck. Therapy, along with Pranic Healing became instrumental in my recovering from PTSD, and it was the effectiveness of my recovery that inspired me to study Pranic Healing at the Center for Pranic Healing  in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and continuing my studies at U.S. Pranic Healing Center in Chino Hills, California.  I do what I do, because I love helping people resolve issues through the power of healing. It’s incredibly rewarding to me and gives me great satisfaction to make a difference in peoples’ lives.


“I really can’t express in words how much Michael has helped. He helped me get through difficult times in my life, from a heartbreak to depression and anxiety. I’ve had Pranic Healing before, however Michael’s healing goes beyond Pranic Healing. He is intuitive, insightful, sensitive and gets to the core of issues. He works deep yet gently. I continue seeing him to help me stay healthy and balanced. I highly recommend him and appreciate his willingness to use his gifts to help others.”

Lili Orellana, LCSW Los Angeles, CA