Michael is able to connect to higher spirits through the practice of clairvoyance and mediumship, which allows one to gain access to their guides.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a gift that some people are blessed with. While many equate clairvoyance with sight, it is not an act of ‘seeing’ as with our eyes. Rather, it is the gift of being able to see with the ‘third eye’ or ‘inner eye’ beyond the physical into the spiritual. Clairvoyance is one of four ‘clairs’ that psychic healers use to guide and communicate. The four are: 

    • – Clairvoyance (sees images)
    • – Clairaudience (hears voices)
    • – Clairsentience (recognizes feelings)
    • – Claircognizance (knowing)

People who are clairvoyant have the ability to read and understand energies that most people cannot. Michael Espinoza uses his gift of clairvoyance to help clients answer questions and seek guidance for their lives. By focusing on your unique bodily energy, Michael is able to sense blockages and disruptions and help replace them with positive movement. Michael is also able to guide clients toward their spiritual guides and ancestors for direction and purpose. 

Healer Michael Espinoza is a pranic healer who uses clairvoyance as a means to guide clients and help them perceive their hidden truths. Common areas that are addressed during clairvoyant sessions include: 

    • – Career Advice
    • – Relationships
    • – Self-Discovery
    • – Life Path

What Happens in a Clairvoyant Reading?

A clairvoyant reading, or session, is a casual experience where you are encouraged to be comfortable, open-minded, and relaxed. Most of all, you are encouraged to be yourself at your purest. Before your session, Michael will ask some questions about your goals for healing. From there, he will guide the session as you work toward unlocking key parts of yourself. 

The length and details of each session are unique to each client. To learn more about using clairvoyance in your journey to healing, contact Michael today. 

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