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On the first full moon of Taurus, the Wesak Festival is a time to commemorate the Lord Buddha.  At the time of the full moon, the Lord Buddha descends to earth and is joined by his brother the Lord Jesus Christ.  For a few minutes, they bless all sentient beings.  We will be able to partake of the downpouring of spiritual energies and blessings.

We will prepare our bodies with simple exercises, pranayama, chanting and Twin Hearts Meditation prior to connecting with Master Co and a group of Pranic Healers in Oxnard via video stream.  Master Co will give a brief lecture at 1:00pm prior to the main meditation at 3:00pm when we will connect energetically to thousands of Pranic Healers worldwide.

Master Co says if there is one meditation you do all year, this is the one!  Please bring your projects and wishes you want to bless.

$10 Suggested donation

We will be meeting in the Healing Studio on the second floor.

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