saltwater bath

Importance of Saltwater Baths

When I became a Pranic Healer in 2004 I learned the importance and benefits of saltwater baths.  I learned that stress energy builds up in the front and back solar plexus chakras.  This negative energy that builds up in the chakras causes them to become congested and bulge therefore causing them to push on other chakras .  In the back solar plexus chakra, this congestion and bulging can contribute to upper and lower back pain by pushing on the upper heart chakra and the meng mein chakra, located in the lower back.  The stuck negative energies in the front solar plexus can cause stomach troubles.

How to Enjoy Saltwater Baths

Since stress an often unavoidable part of our modern day lives, saltwater baths are an easy and effective way to reducing the negative stress energies.

Soaking in a saltwater bath disintegrates negative energies on the chakras.

If you do this on a regular basis, it helps keep the negative energies at bay and help you not feel so overwhelmed from the stress.  If you are unable to take a bath, you can use the salt in the shower.

For the bath:

Use 2 cups of salt, plain table salt will do.  There is no need to use expensive salt for this.  To relax even further, use one cup of plain salt and one cup of epsom salt.  To boost the relaxation and cleansing properties add 12 drops of lavender essential oil and 6 drops of tea tree oil to the bath.  Take a saltwater bath at least once a week.

For the shower:

I suggest using plain table salt.  The fine crystals are best for rubbing on the body.  Pour the salt into the palm of your hand and distribute the salt all over your body, careful not to rub hard.  While distributing the salt on your body, be sure to get your underarms, perineum, and bottom of your feet.  Spend a little more time on your front solar plexus chakra, this is the area between your navel and sternum.  This is the chakra that tends to become the most congested with stress energy.  If you choose to use the salt in the shower, use it every day.  

If you incorporate saltwater baths or using salt in the shower you will find that it is really helpful with reducing stress.  You’ll be glad you did!

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