Recipes for a Healthy Life

Recipes for a healthy life may involve far more than cooking or dietary needs. Here, I will share with you recipes for overall health and wellness, including mental and emotional health. 

Saltwater Bath Recipe

Stress energy builds up on our chakras. One way to help remove some of this dirty energy and maintain etheric hygiene is a saltwater bath. The salt will disintegrate the dirty energy from the body and chakras. Try to take a saltwater bath at least one day a week. It is best in the evening right before bedtime.

• 4 cups salt (plain table salt is fine, sea salt) • 10 drops essential lavender oil

Soak in the bath for a maximum of 30 minutes- NO LONGER. After 30 minutes, the body will begin to reabsorb the negative energy. Drain the tub, and take a shower washing your body.

Super Stress Busting Saltwater Bath Recipe

If you are really stressed, add instant coffee to the above recipe. • 1 cup decaffeinated instant coffee (the dry granules)

Salt in the Shower
If you are not able to take a bath, rub/distribute the salt all over your body. For this I

recommend using plain table salt. Place salt into a spill-proof plastic juice container. Place several drops of lavender essential oil into the salt and give a good shake to mix throughout the salt. After you distribute soap all over your body, pour salt into your hand and distribute all over your body. Rinse thoroughly.  Do not rub too hard.

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