Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

The word “Pranic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Prana,” which essentially means “vital life force.” Therefore, it is the use of this “Prana” (or vital life force) that can heal the whole physical body.

Pranic Healing is an evolved and tested system of energy healing developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. Pranic Healing is simple-yet-powerful. It is a no-touch healing

modality that, instead, focuses on your prana (also known as chi/ki) to balance, heal, and transform the body’s energy systems. By working directly with your bioplasmic or energy body, congested stress energy is removed allowing the body to heal and recover at a faster rate.

With pranic healing, there are no medical devices or pharmaceuticals. Instead, the practitioner works with your body’s energy. Energy is all around us – in our bodies, in the environment, and in life itself. When negative energies penetrate our aura, we can experience physical and mental side effects, such as stress, migraines, anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, and even difficult financial struggles. 

Practitioner, Michael Espinoza, uses pranic healing to help clients rid their bodies, minds, and auras of negative energies. In doing so, clients can experience freedom from negative energy, thoughts, and health problems. Pranic healing clients also commonly report an overall better sense of wellbeing, more self-confidence, more productivity, and a reduction in negative self-talk. 


What to Expect for your Pranic Healing session

Clean your aura of negative and excessive thought forms. Balance your chakras, cut and remove draining cords to other people and situations. Replace negative energies with clean, vital energy. These are just a few things you can expect from pranic healing. 

Healer Michael Espinoza offers a variety of healing sessions to assist you on your journey to health and wellness. Whether you want a one-time healing, or would like to schedule routine sessions – we are here for you. 

Pranic Healing Crystals

During your session, we make every effort to keep you comfortable and confident. You may sit in a comfortable chair or relax on a comfortable pillow. During our session, Michael will use special crystals designed to remove negative energies in your chakras. Your job as the client is to be relaxed and open-minded throughout this journey. 

30-minute sessions

A perfect introductory session for beginners or first-timers.

60-minute session

A complete Pranic Healing session.

90-minutes session

Contact us for more information. 

120-minute session

Contact us for more information.

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