I am proud to work with clients from all geographic areas and walks of life. Below, I share some of their testimonials based on our interactions.

The readings I have received through Michael have really changed, transformed, and informed my life.”

“They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives! Michael Espinoza is an outstanding prana healer, intuitive teacher, and wisdom seeker. I have been working with Michael for over 14 years and he is truly the one person I can say that has helped me to heal and transform some very deep and personal wounds. He gave me the tools so I could do the work, but he was right there by my side! He is compassionate, empathetic, and a great listener. His gifts are boundless and he helps you on your journey to discovery anything is possible. I highly recommend him!”

~ Betsy Karp
The Color Coach

“What an incredibly gifted spirit! I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Michael. He has helped me tremendously with getting clear on things that I am working on in my life not to mention making all of these moments of uncertainty feel more tolerable and understandable. I will make working with Michael a regular thing. His readings are so on point and his healing’s beyond beneficial! Thank you Michael for sharing your wonderful gifts with me and the rest of the world.”

~Nikki K.
San Diego, CA

“I first came to Michael at the suggestion of a friend. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2015, and was thrust into a very confusing, demanding, and scary time. Despite all the love and support I received from family and friends, the whole experience had left me completely drained, and feeling a little hopeless.

It was Michael’s gentle soul who slowly healed me, and quite literally gave me life again. I am Puerto Rican, and I am no stranger to the mystical sides of life. But I always approach any type of healing, or physic reading with a little skepticism. Cancer is a triggering word, that comes loaded with lots of drama and presumptions. I found myself pray to many people who felt it their calling to teach me about what to eat, how to eat, what kinds of things needed to be done in order to be “healed.” Many of those people, with their good intentions, had an agenda that had nothing to do with my healing.

My session with Michael was the first time I felt safe, and cared for. It was clear his only intention was to help me. His session was a complete game changer, without which I would not have been able to complete chemo, or go through a double mastectomy and eventually become cancer free with a renewed strength and sense of purpose.

I recently saw Michael again as I am dealing with some PTSD, and issues at work, and he has proven once again to be an insightful guide and an integral part of my healing as I move away from disease and into a more meaningful, more centered place. I know I will continue to look to Michael for guidance, he truly is a gift to this lifetime.”

~ Natalia P.
Los Angeles, CA

Michael is kind, caring, a great listener, is very direct, he’s upfront versus telling you what you want to hear.

“Michael is nothing less than amazing! He connected me to my spirit guides and was completely on point with details and experiences in my life. Together we set a new course for the future and I am so happy to have met him the experience was wonderful. I highly recommend him and was thoroughly impressed. What a wonderful investment in a life-changing experience.​”

~ Mark S.
Whittier, CA

“I met Michael by “chance” through my partner and was given the beautiful gift of my first ever reading, medium experience. It was unexpected and truly an organic moment where I got to experience Michael’s incredible connection and gift. The readings I have received through Michael have really changed, transformed, and informed my life. Yes, there is specific information, details that always blow my mind that he tells me but it’s the specific messages and directions I get from our readings that really are a gift and are tools to allow me the opportunity to live my life to the fullest. I am grateful for this connection through Michael and would highly recommend his services to anyone open to the experience and possibly in need of new information.”

~Daniel M.
The Color Coach

“Michael is absolutely amazing, I love this guy! Just wish I would’ve known about him sooner!!! I called him wanting a medium reading today and two hours later I’m sitting with him getting the best reading that I have ever had. He was able to connect with the three people that I needed to hear from and was spot on with all of them. It was better than any therapy session I could’ve had and completely put me at ease with things that I have been struggling with for years. The reading also opened my eyes to things and situations in my life that before I had blinders on to. He doesn’t treat you as though you are just a client, but as a friend. He’s totally laid back and welcoming and is definately the real deal. I highly recommend him and am so appreciative for him seeing me on such short notice and for the amazing messages he gave me from my loved ones. I should also add that after my reading I had sent him pictures of my family member that he connected with, just because I was so amazed at the fact that he was spot on with how he looked and about how my relationship was with that specific family member, Michael called me back instantly, such a sweet individual that truly cares. Go see him, you won’t regret it! :) and if you are reading this Michael, thank you truly. You’re the best!”

~ Blue M.

This is a beautiful gift for yourself or loved ones, if you are ready to look inward and activate healing.

“I’ve been going to Michael for readings for about a year now, and I have found him to be very accurate! Just today I listened to a recording of a reading that he did for me about 11 months ago, and I was amazed at how spot on he was! Michael has the ability to tap in not only to his own spirit guides but to those of his clients. He relates their suggestions, information and observations, which are so very helpful, and sometimes funny! Michael is also a very talented Pranic healer. I highly recommend him!”

~ Marlene, J.

“What a informative session..!!!! So much wonderful information, confirmation and direction, enabling me to feel a sense of relief not felt in ages. Thank you, and please thank the Guides for guiding…Often times when one is being read, the information is vague, or seems like a one-size-fits all, kind of reading. One that’s so general, you need to attempt to find some commonality in the information presented. But, with you, Michael, your message is right on accurate, where I know the message is me and for me. I can recognize, and completely identify with what is being shared. This is definitely going to be the first of a tradition to come where we check in on a regular basis.”

~Nedra S.

“Michael deserves more than 5 stars! I’ve gone to Michael for healing. He introduced me to Pranic Healing, and I came out of my first session as a firm believer! Michael has helped me spiritually and has been my mentor through my journeys. I was experiencing negativity at work, dealing with people with integrity that were highly questionable. Michael helped me work through it. I was able to catch myself, refocus and move through the fissures of people who demonstrated malintent throughout. They’re no longer there and several were demoted – karma came calling. Michael is kind, caring, a great listener, is very direct, he’s upfront versus telling you what you want to hear. And he’s a wonderful human being that I’m so glad to have connected with! I have referred friends and family, and they always come away empowered and enlightened. I have made it a point to see him, or call him whenever I need realignment with my chakras, soul energy, etc. I am so grateful to have come across Michael in this lifetime!” -Maria F.

~ Maria F.

Michael is wise, extremely gifted, very direct, honest, and can help you transform what’s going on in your life. I highly recommend him.

“Michael is wonderful! He truly helped me through some difficult times in my life. He is very knowledgeable and direct, he will tell you as is opposed to what you want to hear. Great experience overall!”

~ Khrystya M.

“Michael is The Best of the Best – his commitment to his healing & teaching is evident as well as integrity, power & strength, combined with compassion & understanding make him a unique Catalyst in his field.”

“I connected with Michael Espinoza yesterday. Michael is an impeccable, gifted Pranic Healer and Psychic Medium. He connected me with the Great Spirit of Lefty and reaffirmed our Great, Cosmic Connection – and reaffirmed that Lefty did indeed send us Ike (aka: Squid). And although Michael wanted to start my session with Healing work, Lefty would not wait to come through. Lefty was (is) a very powerful, tenacious Being – and would not ‘wait his turn.’ Always out front. Front-and-center. My Great Guardian and Intercessor.

Michael relayed much information. Much to process and work with. And once again the Great lesson is reiterated, “Just be open, you are guided”

Very grateful to Michael. He came to my desperate aid when Lefty was in crisis – in the battle for His life – and ‘worked’ on Him multiple times. I attribute this Healing work of Michael’s to one of the main reasons Lefty stayed with us for almost another year. He helped me to better understand the Great Lessons Lefty was here to teach me. Then and now.”

~ Barry F.

“Michael has what I describe as a spiritual ripple effect. When he counsels me; I’ve realized the things that we discuss accumulate a deeper meaning every day and every week after the words have been spoken. When I give myself a complete opportunity to take it all in, a grounding feeling always accompanies the experience.”

~ Shireen A.
Pasadena, CA

“I have received many healings from Michael over four years. Each healing included a psychic reading related to my issues. These readings not only guided Michael but also helped me understand root causes of my issues. Each session provided a deeper and deeper healing and understanding. Michael’s intuitive gifts, which are very accurate, set him apart from many practitioners. His phone sessions are just as or even more effective than his face-to-face sessions. He is definitely my “go-to” person for Pranic Healing!”

~ W.J.
New Mexico

I’ve known Michael over a year & highly respect him as a colleague in our gene…. I drove up to his office today & received a pranic healing (it’s SO much more than that!) & he did an incredible job in healing with me! He helped release So much energy that were stuck in all my chakras that at some moments, I could feel myself feel “wobbly” – it was I, who felt release & “Me” again… He exceeds expectations in his healing! Within the hour, I could feel the difference: More relaxed – went into deeper resting -sleep * Felt more “Me” in my energy * Told me my main issue & got rid of what I was ready to release & let go of. He also spent a moment giving me a process to continue on my own path. I highly recommend for healing, mediumship, readings…he is a “one-stop” shop for all your needs.

Cynthia Makhoul Starr

Remember when you told me about a promotion? It happened at the time you said. I believe in your gift. Another addition to your awesomeness. I love you. You’re an awesome man.


“I cannot explain how much Michael has helped me! Extreme pain in my neck led me to him. The experience was relaxing, I felt as if I was in a deep mezzanine state of mind and literally could hear the angels. Found out what I had done in my past life that created this karmic chord in my neck and Michael yanked it out! I did another session two weeks later as I was still a little congested but there was already progress as the pain in my neck had subsided… this time around Michael raised my vibration! Since then I have stopped drinking and have been another wavelength:: a higher vibrational way of living has come out of my 2 sessions! Thanks Michael you are truly divine and amazing at what you do. Namaste.”

~ Yasmin L.

“I have been a client of Michael’s for a couple years now for both healing sessions and readings. The clearing and insight he provides has unlocked very profound and sometimes life-altering epiphanies that continue to heal and restore long after the sessions end. If you’re reading this and looking for a change, or to heal emotional wounds, or maybe an impetus to just persevere, then you’ve found the right person! He’s like a spirit guide incarnate! I recommend him to everyone who asks!”

~ Catina D.
Los Angeles, CA

“Michael is authentic. His gifts are authentic. He has a heart full of love and light. Before Michael and I worked together I woke up in fear and went to bed in fear EVERY DAY of my life. I will share only one example of that fear with you because there is not enough room on the pages to share them all and you would not have time to read them all. When I would drive my car I would be concerned that I might have ran something over and would have to turn around and check even though I knew on my rational side of my brain I DID NOT but my OCD side always won the battle and I turned around every time I drove and sometimes turn around more then once, twice and even three times or more. This happen 97% of the time. It took along time to get some where and a lot of explaining to my young daughter when she was with me.…. I have also suffered from physical ailments all my life. I was guided to Michael by my angels to help me live the life I am meant to live. With BOTH of our hard work because it takes BOTH of you, I am able to overcome my severe OCD 97% of the time and my physical ailments have subsided. My heart is open where pain use to live and now the pain is replaced by light 97% of the time. If you are reading this you are meant to work with Michael. You have been guided to him also by your angels. He is a safe place to heal!! Through his master’s teachings, his hard work and his own experiences he was created for you!!! Please give this gift to yourself and the people you love and whom love you. You deserve it and so do they!!! Blessing always!!!!”

~ Francoise

The clearing and insight he provides has unlocked very profound and sometimes life-altering epiphanies that continue to heal and restore long after the sessions end.

“Michael is the real deal. I’ve been to various healing practitioners throughout my life with very mixed success. I was thrilled when a friend brought me to Michael and I have continued to go to him.

He has helped me with physical health twice and has blown me away with emotional and spiritual readings/healings. His readings and intuitive wisdom is precise, surprising and energizing.

Michael has also been treating my foster dog, who was badly abused and lived on the streets before I took him in. When Michael visits the house, the dog lies down and sleeps near Michael as he works on him. It’s so very special – the changes I’ve seen in my dog are hard to ignore. The intuitive connection Michael has with my dog is powerful – He’s able to lock in on a very deep level and communicate where my dog is at emotionally, which is especially important and useful in the rehabilitation process. I know it sounds “out there” but when you see results like I have, you can’t ignore it. Like I said – this wonderful man is the real deal.”

~ Leathy J.
Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t even know how to begin this review.

Do I believe that all self professed medium/clairvoyant and pranic healers are “real” and honest? NO. Was I skeptical about going to Michael? No. And let me tell you why.

Long story short, many months ago I took my sister to get a reading from a medium to see if he/she could connect with someone that had passed. I kinda forced her get a reading with Michael, and she reluctantly did. When she was done with her reading, she cried in my arms and told me how Michael had connected with her friend, and how specific Michael had been. It was exactly what she needed. When we got home, my sister shared with my boyfriend her experience,

Weeks later…

My boyfriend, who does not believe in ANY of this “stuff,” asked me if I could make an appointment for him with Michael to see if he could connect with someone. I was shocked because many times he had said that there is no past life, and mediums are fake. However, I was not about to question him. Again, long story short, my boyfriend was able to connect with his loved one, and it was truly a great experience for my now, fiance!

That same day, I went into a Pranic Healing with Michael. Let me say that I had no idea what Pranic Healing was, I just knew that I was in a bad place emotionally and physically, so I figured any healing would be great. By then, I already trusted Michael, so I felt safe with him.

Can’t explain to you everything that I felt, but I will tell you that he told me a lot of this personal things that had happened to me when I was younger, and mind you, I never mentioned anything to him. It was the most beautiful healing I ever had.

Recently, I took my mom to get a pranic healing with Michael along with a mini reading. Let’s just say my mom felt the same magic I felt, and she still talks about how wonderful it was to meet Michael. She has been going thru a lot, and seeing Michael REALLY helped her.

I can’t wait to take my dad and sisters for a pranic healing a mini reading. And I can’t wait to get another healing for myself.

I cannot recommend Michael enough. He is AMAZING, to say the least.”

~ Eve L.

“It was the most beautiful healing I ever had.”

“Michael was recommended to me by my sister who had meet him at a Healing Clinic. I went to the same Healing Clinic to see if I would like Michael too. After speaking with Michael for 10 minutes I knew I needed more time with him.

I called to make a private appointment with him. I see him on a monthly basis and it’s been a great support. This past year my life has been through many highs and lows. However, thank you to Pranic Healing, I have been able to release low frequency emotions and not keep them in my body.

Michael uses what I call a 3 in 1 approach. He first sits with you and asks you how you are doing. You get to share your highs and lows and you get to decide what you want to work on. Second, he begins the energy work. Here you connect to yourself and all the divine wisdom to release the low frequency energy. This is very relaxing yet it can be emotional. Then finally, you sit on another comfy chair and he connects with your spirit guides. This is pretty amazing. During this part you can take notes so you can remember. The spirit guides usually give you homework which is helpful.

I truly appreciate Michael. He is open, loving, joyful and supportive. He believes in his gifts and his passionate about using them to support others live the life they desire.”

~ Veronica H.

Michael is kind, patient and highly intuitive. Our first meeting was a pivotal moment for me because with his help I was able to determine which issues/triggers from my childhood and past relationships were holding me back in love and future creative endeavors. I left the session feeling lighter, happier and more determined than ever to continue my healing process. A few months later I decided to get a “tune up” and discovered more about myself but something incredible happened neither of us expected. Michael was able to connect with a family member that had crossed over many years ago. His passing was one of the most painful events in my life as well as for many family members. The information he shared with me was so detailed and accurate I knew right then Michael was the real thing! He had some amazing messages for me and to pass to other family members. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is ready to heal, find their truth and ready to move forward. Thank you again, Michael, you are amazing!

~ Kiki P.
Brooklyn, NY

Michael is an Angel sent from the Divine Spirit! The universe and Spirit have been knocking on my door for years (since I was a young child) and I was clueless until I began noticing the synchronicity of events. I met Michael approximately 7 months ago and in just those few months I have been able to gain spiritual insight and make huge spiritual progress. Michael is a unique intuitive whom I quickly grew fond of. He has been able to pull those nasty cords that have had me bogged down for so many years. Little did I realize that those yucky cords were due to past life experiences and my childhood trauma. Once I understood how Spirit is within us all, I was able to allow myself to release the bad juju and to finally LISTEN! I am more receptive to my own spiritual and emotional health and in time have learned how much of an empath I am myself; hence why I am so sensitive to the energies of others. Michael has definitely assisted in my healing process and spiritual growth. I am that caterpillar who has flourished into a beautiful butterfly who now conceptualizes the reasons and the experiences I’ve lived through til today. I am more open to letting go and letting divine Spirit take care of things that are not in my control. Without an ounce of doubt, I recommend Michael to anyone who wants to understand more about themselves. He is fully invested and passionate about his spiritual work and it is evident in the progress we’ve made thus far. I am able to understand my purpose in this life and understand how unresolved issues have lingered all these years only because I’ve allowed them to. With Michaels help, that has changed! I am grateful our paths crossed.”

~ A.S.
Clinical Forensic Psychologist

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